Confronting technical issues

Technical issues arise through various avenues, whether its from internal stimuli or external, technical problems are all around us and need to be managed. Its important that everyone company large or small has a good understanding of what type of expectations they have from their technical investments, further  a consistent technological governance standards that the whole business can adopt. For example, if the marketing area of a business is using cloud applications to share files between themselves yet the HR department has not allowed any cloud application to be used within the department, there is a discrepancy of perceptions that overall business has adopted.

By understanding how your business views technology you can begin to realise where technical issues occur. Technical issues involved security, inefficiencies, cost draining solutions, unadopted system and practices and unhealthy behavioural/cultural impacts from technology.

Rodan Co understands that technical problems have a variety of potential areas of improvements yet its by understanding clients unique position in the market and their overarching business goals can your start to clarify how to approach a technical issue.

The initial difficulty that the client has to make is to build or improve. Building is starting from scratch and improving is enhancing current systems. The questions comes down to 3 aspects, business objects, budget an HR.

Do you improve a old system that is riddled with issues and using out of date technology, yet its has been working for a substantial period of time. Or do you attempt to build a new system that will cost a substantial amount of  money yet will completely shock the staff and have unknown impacts on the business.

This post is attempting to stress the importance of business strategy within IT, an its evident that to solve some of your technical issues, you have to apply standard business strategy , as IT is an investment.

The Rodan Co unique approach consists of a hybrid solution that pays most of its attention to the implementation of new systems.  Did you know that still today, 50% of IT projects are considered a failure, either going over budget, not meeting scope requirements or exceeding time schedule. To conquered this statistic, unique attention and a multi-pronged approach is needed in tackling IT problems in light of solving them.

Here is an overview of the multi pronged approach when confronting and solving technical issues.

  1. Understand motives of initial idea of the need for a solution
  2. Evaluation business position with their respective market
  3. Understand their business objectives and current operational activities
  4. Help build a strong IT vision that coincides with the organisation long term goals
  5. Find a solution that will help solve current problem yet still be meet future goals
  6. Map a integrations into the old system for easy data and user interoperability
  7. Detail a unique transition period
  8. Review and test throughout the project to allow positive changes to happen

Not all project Rodan Co employs this technique, yet every project Rodan Co endeavours, there is a uniquely mapped out process in implementing solutions which considers previous systems and procedures. Then we guide a business to an ideal state that can align with future goals and objectives.

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